Why Like Things on Facebook? 4 Helpful Tips

by / Friday, 12 July 2013 / Published in Blog, Facebook Management, Social Media

The act of ‘Liking’ things on Facebook is one of the most effective, yet overlooked actions in the social media manager’s toolbox. By Liking pages, posts, and comments, the Viral Reach of your Facebook profile is drastically improved.

But Why??

Each time you perform an action on a Facebook profile such as Liking, Sharing, and Commenting, a separate story is created. This may appear in the form of a News Feed post, in which your friends will see a message stating that you “Like Joe’s Bar”, for example. Posts like this give users the opportunity to Like the same page that their friend has just Liked, thus improving the reach of the business.

Improving your Viral Reach through Liking things on Facebook is not as simple as blindly Liking everything, nor is there any set formula to ensure that your actions are effective. However, by following a few simple guidelines any business can generate more traffic to their Facebook fan page.

1. Be sure to act as your business or fan page when ‘Liking’.
Don’t make the mistake of spending hours researching and Liking other fan pages, only to realize you have been using the page as your personal profile. To make sure this doesn’t happen go to the ‘Admin Panel’ of your Facebook fan page and click ‘Edit Page’. From here, scroll to the bottom and select ‘Use as Your page name here’.

2. Like other business pages.
Liking another business on Facebook is a lot like being a friendly neighbor. Try choosing industries that are not in competition with your product or service. A great way to diversify your social network is by Liking other non-competing businesses, local place pages, local government and business organizations, and interest pages that would be relevant to your customers.
Liking other businesses and interests will help to ‘humanize’ your brand on Facebook. This will make your page more credible to customers by showing that your brand shares similar beliefs and interests.

A great blog by Bas van den Beld from ‘State of Search’ cautions marketers to be aware of the type of businesses they Like on Facebook, as this can influence why people like and unlike a Fan Page.

3. Like posts from other Facebook users.
Once you have Liked other pages on behalf of your business, it is time to interact! Now that all of this social content is flooding your News Feed, your brand has more chances to gain the attention of Facebook users. Begin by Liking a few posts per day, quality over quantity always matters with social media. Be sure to Like posts that are relevant, and reflect the values of your brand.
Timing is also a crucial factor when Liking posts. Aim to Like posts that will gain a high number of Shares, but be sure to Like them within the first hour they are posted. Ideally if your brand is the first page to Like a popular post, the next 5-10 users will see “’Your page here’ Likes this post” under the said posting. This can lead to a drastic Viral Reach increase, as well as an increase in page Likes due to new exposure.

4. Like comments on posts.
Why Like Comments on Facebook you ask? Customer appreciation! When customers interact with your brand online, it is important to reward them for their interaction by Liking their Comments. This will further humanize your brand online, while performing proactive customer service. It is even advisable to Like negative comments, depending on how severe, and further replying with something along the lines of “Thank you Mr. Smith for pointing out how we can better serve you. We will take this into consideration as our brand grows and correct the issue to our best ability as we move forward.”.
Don’t forget about Liking Comments on posts from other users. Search for comments that are funny, thoughtful, unique, or that reflect the values of your brand. Liking these individual comments is like a personal invitation asking the user to Like your page.  Try using a social media analysis service before approaching a Like Campaign, otherwise you may take off in multiple directions that produce little results.

Remember, there is no set formula to gain an excessive amount of Facebook Likes. However, following the points above can help your business to expand drastically on Facebook just by spending a few hours per day engaging with other Facebook users and Liking relevant content.