What Makes a Social Media Manager?

by / Tuesday, 20 August 2013 / Published in Social Media

What is a social media manager and do I need one?


This is a question many companies are asking as they build online marketing programs for their business.  Many times, contracting a social media manager is the best way to go.  But what are the industry standards for a social media manager?

In venturing down the road of online advertising and marketing, a business is faced with a not so simple question: Do you outsource online marketing, or create a position in house?  It may seem that having a person at your side to handle everything is the way to go, but realistically, online marketing and advertising cannot be done by one person alone.  Remember, a social media manager only handles social media, so they should be an expert on the channels and strategies a company can take advantage of.

In creating an online marketing and social media position, prepare to delegate a monthly budget that the position outsources to various SEO and social media services.  Be sure to look for a social media service with a team of managers who truly care.  Remember, social media is about humanizing a brand.  It is about proactive customer service that engages people, making them more likely to purchase from your brand through long term product association.  In finding the right social media manager, think of a dog; Loyalty is key!  Look for a service that wants to build a relationship with your brand.

social media manager loyal

With so many social media management services available, it is easy to fall prey to services that over promise and under perform.  To avoid over spending, find a good service and stick with it.  To find a good social media company, a tell tale sign is their company blog.  Take a look and see how often they post, what they post about, and the Google Authorship information about the author.  If a company does not take the time to put informative content online, what makes you think they would do it for your brand consistently?

So what do you look for in a social media manager?

A social media manager legitimately cares about your brand.

A social media manager stays up late ‘Liking’ pictures of your customer’s cats on Facebook, hoping to reach a few extra people before the day is over.

They research every inch of your online followers’ social media profiles to find out what is engaging to your customers.

A social media manager brings a business to life using a computer and a sense of passion for a brand.  A true social media expert only takes projects they are sincerely interested in, so be aware of the “Wal-Marts” of social media.  Contract a service that assigns a community manager to your account specifically, this way nothing gets lost in the mix.  Watch for a few red flags when contracting a social media manager or service.

A true social media manager LIVES your brand online every day, usually leading up to a monthly meeting where the client simply asks “How many Facebook Likes did I get this month?”.  Yet the social media manager smiles and refrains from sharing the countless late night hours spent engaging customers online.


Because the social media manager cares about your brand, and lives it every day.