Using Facebook for Business- 6 Helpful Hints

by / Sunday, 21 July 2013 / Published in Blog, Facebook Management, Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for growing a business online.  Using Facebook for business, marketing, and sales lead generation is becoming widely used because companies are able to reach consumers when their guard is down in a cyber-social setting.

Whether your company uses a social media manager, or an in house employee, it is important to engage your online community regularly.  Here are 6 basic ways to use Facebook for business and marketing your brand.


1) Like posts, comments, and other pages.

The act of ‘Liking’ on Facebook improves your profile’s Viral Reach.  While this may sound like a dreadful disease, it is actually the amount of people your content reaches through actions separate from simply posting a status update.


2) Share relevant content.

Sharing posts from other fan pages will humanize your Facebook page.  This shows users that you share similar interests, and will make them more likely to frequent your page to see similar content.

Additionally, the source of the content you are Sharing should be credible and related to your brand.  For example, if your company makes hand made survival knives, try posting about camping and the outdoors, as this will likely interest potential customers.


3) Create unique and original content daily.

When dealing with social media and SEO, content is King.  By creating new and original content each day, your business will be able to connect with customers without looking automated, as most businesses tend to do.

Posts should roughly consist of 80% industry related content, and 20% about products and sales.


4) Link Facebook to your website.

When setting up Facebook for your business check the Google Analytics for your website.  Facebook tends to be in the top 10 for referring websites for most businesses, which makes it a necessity to ensure your Facebook information is up to date.  In the about section of your Facebook page, add your address and website to ensure proper link building back to your website.  From here, add the relevant social icons to your website and link them back to your Facebook and other profiles.

Though this may only take minutes, it can drastically affect your SEO in a matter of weeks.


5) Promote your blog.

Shameless self-promotion on Facebook is allowed when promoting your blog, just be sure to diversify your content.  In looking at your monthly Facebook posts, your business should have a healthy mix of sales/product posts, relevant information posts, social share posts, and blog promotion posts.

When posting your blog, include an appealing image, and a hook phrase that will entice readers to visit your blog.  Calls to action can also be very effective when trying to grow your blog.  Simply adding a call to action that says “SHARE on your wall if this article helped you” can increase traffic and subscriptions to your blog ten fold.


6) Make your profile visually appealing.

Take a look at the Facebook fan pages for big brands such as Coca Cola, or McDonald’s.  One of the things you will see that they all have in common consistent posting and visual appeal.

By branding your profile picture and timeline cover photograph, your fan page not only looks better, but your Viral Reach improves.  Each time a page’s cover picture is changed, the action shows up as a larger than usual image on the News Feed of each Facebook follower.  Changing your profile branding during a high trafficked period on Facebook can result in a large number of Post Likes that soon turn into Page Likes.


Remember the entire premise of Facebook when creating content.  The Facebook users are called “Friends” and “Likes” for a reason~ So treat them like they are your friends and you like them!  This entails finding material your friends want to talk about, which starts with learning about them through researching their profile and demographic.


No matter how often you plan on using Facebook for business and brand building, it is important to remember to be consistent.  This may entail hiring a social media manager, or outside service to diversify content on your Facebook page, however, the ROI will be ten-fold.

Recent studies show that the value of 1 Facebook Like/Customer is $174.00, which leaves only one question:  How soon are you ready to increase sales using Facebook?

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