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Twitter Management

A variety of factors go in to creating a strategy using Twitter for business and marketing.  Regardless of how much you post, if you are not using Twitter for business and sales advertisements, you are losing potential customers every day.  Evolve offers custom plans that enhance your profile appearance, diversify content, and grow your community.  Using Twitter for business promotion not only engages online customers, it also affects the SEO of your website.  If you have not began using Twitter for business networking, you could be ignoring an online community that is waiting to interact with your brand.


Does your brand know who to follow on Twitter? Following other users is essential when using Twitter for business networking. We manage the presence of your brand while growing your online circle through relevant industry connections. There are many people to follow on Twitter that can either help or hurt your brand’s reputation. Using Twitter for business and marketing requires community engagement and growth of your online networks. We target influential people and organizations that improve your online credibility and increase your Klout score.


Is your Twitter profile visually appealing and consistent with your brand? When running a Twitter for business and sales purposes it is necessary to keep your profile visually appealing without taking away from content. We can design a header, and brand your entire Twitter profile to put the WOW factor behind your business.


When using Twitter for business and marketing, it is necessary to respond both consistently and timely. In managing direct messages on Twitter, we ensure that your customers get the information they need, no matter when they interact with your brand online.

Unique Tweets Daily to Your Twitter Account

The most powerful social media tool is Unique Content. Using Twitter for business and promotions requires ‘tweeting’ original, media rich content that is engaging to your audience. Unique Tweets are thoroughly researched, demographically targeted, and include original content that highlights your brand or promotion.

We Use the 3 "R"'s- Relevant, Researched Re Tweets

Outlining a plan on Twitter for business and marketing requires strategic planning. Choosing what type of content to Re-Tweet requires profile monitoring and research. It is best to Re-Tweet content that will engage your Followers, but still be consistent with your brand image. Re-Tweeting helps to improve your viral reach, show appreciation to other Tweeters, and also to put a personality behind your Twitter profile. When using Twitter for business purposes, it is best to re-tweet content related to your industry that interests your followers.

Managing Tweet Replies and Comments

To ‘humanize’ your Twitter profile it is best to interact with other users and share feedback. Replying to Tweets and commenting on other Tweets brings your brand into the online conversation, and is essential for success when using Twitter for business and product marketing. This can accumulate to hundreds of messages per month if done correctly. Our packages provide solutions to managing your online interactions so you can focus on running your business.




No matter how you plan to use Twitter for your business, it always helps to have an extra had in diversifying content. Twitter for business and brand promotion requires a strategic plan that includes community engagement, content creation, and visual branding. Whether you are using Twitter for business, pleasure, or customer service, it is necessary to stay consistent by creating content regularly. All content produced by Evolve Online is thoroughly researched, relevant, unique, and with a clear call to action that further engages social media followers.