The Strategy Behind Online Marketing

by / Wednesday, 07 November 2012 / Published in Blog

What makes an online marketing company effective?
This is the main question that needs to be asked when selecting a service to manage your brand’s online image. Things to take into account depend on the goals of the business.
Do you want online coaching to build your own brand’s image?
Do you prefer someone to effectively manage your brand’s online image?

The number 1 thing to keep in mind is that online marketing is nothing more than tried and true marketing and public relations methods on a new channel of communication.
Evolve approaches online marketing through 2 methods:
1. AMC
This means that your brand’s online communication is first broken down to the Audience you are trying to reach, the Message your brand is conveying, and the Channel in which you are reaching your audience through.
“ROSIE” entails Researching your brand and competitors, Organizing the information and company message, Strategizing using tried and true marketing methods, Implementing your campaign, and Evaluating the results.
Through this multi-step approach we are able to target users based on interests, demographic, and various other methods to ensure you are reaching quality browsers that will soon turn into buyers!


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