Why Social Media Strategies are Like Fishing

by / Tuesday, 08 January 2013 / Published in Blog, Social Media

Managing the social media presence for a business can be a tricky equation to balance.  The social media manager must walk a fine line between business relevant posts and content that entertains general audiences.

If a business posts too much about their product or service it can result in followers running for the hills.  Then again, posting too little about your business can result in your audience losing sight of what your social media profile is all about.

So what is the solution?  Treat your social media strategy like a fishing tackle box!

Think about it~

Your demographics/target audiences are the “fish” you are “fishing” for, and the content you post is like the net you use to catch the fish.  Diverse content=Bigger net.

This brings us to the tackle box.  Your social media tackle box should be made up of various tactics that engage multiple audiences, and individual audiences.  As a business, your content should engage the following:

1) Perspective buyers

This audience should be engaged with information pertaining to incentives to buy your product, general relevant information, and product pictures.

2) Those who own your product

Customer appreciation is HUGE on social media.  Social media gives a personality to a business, so customers get excited when you interact with them on behalf of your business.  By posting “another satisfied customer” type posts, with references to those who bought your product, you now give thanks to someone supporting your product and also give out a subtle “band wagon” message to others following your brand.

3) Those who need your product but don’t know it yet

One of the most basic rules for marketing is not overlooked in the social media tackle box.  Establishing a need for your product or service is crucial in establishing your social media presence.  If people do not see a need for your business, then they will more than likely not follow your social media profiles.  Find creative ways to show how your product or service is useful, and be sure to draw attention to favorable reviews to demonstrate brand credibility.

4) General Audiences

By posting content relevant to a general audience you increase the size of your “fishing net”.  Think of general audiences as people who want your product, but don’t know it yet.  Humor is a great way to engage a general audience, but relating it back to your product may be tricky.  “Memes” are a great way to accomplish this.  By relating either the text or image of a “Meme” to your product, service, or industry, your business can draw in general audiences through humor and eventually turn them into a lead.

These terms of engagement will vary based on your industry, as selling a product is much different than selling a service.  None the less, the concept is still generally the same.

Bating the hook~

What type of bait do you use?  Again, this depends on what you are fishing for.  We recommend having as many lines in the water as possible!  Use a ratio of 50% sales content with calls to action, 20% general information/industry relevant news, 20% unique content such as a company blog with follow linking, 5% customer appreciation, and 5% just for fun (like a “Happy Holidays” post).

Using this ratio of content posting strategies your business is sure to “catch” some great leads that would have otherwise overlooked your product.  Remember, the biggest fish are usually the most challenging to catch~

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