Social Media Management

Social Media is here to stay.  It’s the new form of advertising and customer service that influences customer perceptions and purchasing decisions.  Reports show that over 16.7% of consumer’s online time is spent using social networks, making social media management an asset to any company serious about driving sales.

Evolve offers social media management packages designed to generate a positive return on investment for your business.  We deliver the personal experience that online consumers crave from a business through emotionally charged content creation, message response, and intriguing “status postings” about your business.

Social Media Consulting- No Commitments!

Social media management may not be the best solution for your marketing needs. Our experts can help you to maximize your efforts on social media with our comprehensive consulting packages. This option includes a social media consultant that teaches you effective ways to engage your online following while turning them into paying customers! No commitments necessary!

CRM and Lead Response Services

Social networking is about generating leads and sales for your business. Our social media management packages include innovative lead capture campaigns that help business owners to create a data base of sales leads. This data is then provided to you so that your business can turn browsers into buyers. Get a FREE social media management quote for your business today! Companies on Facebook that use social media management services have the most consistency in customer engagement by comparison to brands that treat social media management as a secondary task for employees. In signing up for a social media management package, Evolve begins by researching your brand, product, and industry. From here, we design a comprehensive plan that outlines the most effective ways social media management can be performed for your specific needs.

Facebook Management Services

Our plans approach Facebook management and sales by optimizing your profile through branding, community engagement, and content creation. The ROI of Facebook strategy can be drastically increased by simply engaging your customers online. There is no point in engaging customers on social media if there is no call to action for a sale or recapture. Evolve designs posts specifically geared to build your brand online and generate sales.

Twitter Management Services

A variety of factors go in to creating a strategy using Twitter for business and marketing. Regardless of how much you post, if you are not using Twitter for business and sales advertisements, you are losing potential customers every day. Evolve offers custom plans that enhance your profile appearance, diversify content, and grow your community. Using Twitter for business promotion not only engages online customers, it also affects the SEO of your website. If you have not began using Twitter for business networking, you could be ignoring an online community that is waiting to interact with your brand.

Instagram Management Services

Social picture sharing apps like Instagram and Vine are beginning to grow in popularity, making it a great platform to advertise your brand. Our Instagram management packages are designed to grow your network, increase brand credibility, and drive sales. Our plans include unique content posts, instagram analytics, and community management.

Online Community Management

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Foursquare
  • and more!
Social media management plans establish your presence on social networks that will provide the best results for your business. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many others. All social media management packages include a layout of suggested networks for your business to engage in that will optimize your social media performance.

Daily Content Updates

  • Researched Content
  • Industry Related
  • Credible Sourcing
  • Content Posting Matrix
  • Post Optimization with our signature software.
Social media is a communication channel that requires 24/7 attention. We monitor your online channels so you can focus on running your business. No matter what type of business you own, we have experienced content writers that will develop new and original content for your profiles daily. Our social media management packages are designed to fit any budget, and offer a comprehensive approach to diversifying content.

Social Media Analytics

  • Web Analytics
  • Comprehensive Data Layouts
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Analysis
We provide monthly analytics with all social media management packages to show you how your social media presence is progressing. Using our proven software, we can provide you with data regarding when your target demographic is online, best times to post on relevant social media channels, what people are saying about your business online, and much more. Fill out our Social Media Analysis form for a free consultation regarding how we can help.


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24/7 Online Reputation Monitoring

All social media management plans include 24/7 support to ensure the reputation of a brand is safe at all times.