Social Media for Dog Breeders

by / Tuesday, 20 November 2012 / Published in Blog

Dog breeders can benefit greatly from the reach of social media.  With functions online like “Sharing”, “Liking”,  and “Yelping”, dog breeders can monopolize on reaching friends-of-friends online.

Get the most from Facebook to promote your dog breeding business by following these easy steps:
1. Tell everyone!  Invited anyone connected to your personal and business online following.  If they each tell 1 friend, your following has now doubled!  Easy tricks like “buying Facebook Likes” are available to “enhance” your profile’s appearance.

2. Get involved.  Follow other Facebook and Twitter pages for the top 10 names in your industry.  By following accredited organizations, one can stay up to date with industry news and relevant information.

3. Keep it up to date!  Evolve recommends posting at least 3 times per day, 5-7 days per week.  In doing so, people have reason to follow your Facebook and Twitter in addition to your website.

4. Give people a reason to share what’s on your page! Post something funny if you can, or a special offer or interesting picture. Puppies are a great way to get attention, and they virtually sell themselves.  We have even designed “Puppy Process Campaigns” for Twitter in which breeders post pictures throughout  the process.  We have had entire litters completely sold even before birth as a result!

5. Link to EVERYTHING! Link to your website, your blog, your social media profiles, and anything else that will keep people engaged.  Eventually, your online presence will become much more than selling puppies. Other credible informational blogs will link back to you, thus increasing your online presence.  By having targeted information in addition to your “product” information, your website becomes an information hub that advertisers will pay you to run ads on!

Additionally, Evolve offers coaching and direct management of social media tailored specifically to dog breeders and their demographic.