SEO for Social Media

by / Thursday, 27 December 2012 / Published in Blog, Online Marketing, Social Media

Many people have been looking for answers as to how SEO plays a role in social media.  It is actually quite simple~ your business needs to understand what people are talking about online.

There is no SEO practice for social media that “makes you the #1 search result”.  Instead the use of keyword tools helps us to understand the conversation topics online.  Using tools like Google Adwords, one can find out what type of content and information is engaging people online.

Here are a few tips to help you find a good keyword phrase for content development on your social media channels:

1) Search for industry relevant phrases and keywords.

2) Narrow your keywords to those that have 1,000+ monthly searches.

3) Use keywords and phrases with a low to medium competition rating.

Using Hashtag tools you can also research the most popular trending Hashtags being used on Twitter.  This helps you to understand the real time conversation happening, and allows you to engage a bigger audience by including information pertaining to people’s current conversations.

Another great way to increase your social media effectiveness is to set up Google Alerts to keep up with industry news and happenings.  By submitting a daily blog based on multiple other current news stories, you increase the keyword effectiveness, increase blog traffic, and increase your overall page rank.

The key idea with social media is to use it as an “enhancement tool” with your other online marketing tactics.  By understanding the conversations happening on social media, you are able to engage users in the moment making your brand the epicenter of the online chatter.

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