Online Marketing Gurus- How to Choose the Right One

by / Wednesday, 28 August 2013 / Published in Blog, Online Marketing

Finding online marketing gurus that are worth their salt is a challenging task that most business owners are currently facing.  With so many services to choose from it can be confusing which services have actual marketing gurus working for them.  Here are a few points to help in your search for the online marketing guru that is right for your business.

Hire an Online Marketing Guru with an Education

This may seem like a ‘no-brainer’, but it needs to be listed.  Many companies fail to check the background of these online marketers, resulting in sub-par services and sometimes penalties from Google for black hat SEO techniques.  Do your homework and research their Google+ profile, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and website before hiring any marketing guru or online service.

The best online marketing gurus are those that have a traditional marketing or public relations background, with some form of training in internet technology including SEO, programming, web design and so on.  Many businesses fall prey to companies that have strong technology departments, but lack in content and marketing skills.  Keep in mind when choosing an online marketing service that traditional marketing principles still apply to this new form of communication.

Look for Professionals with Long Term Goals for your Company

Speaking to an online marketing guru is an essential step before contracting services.  When you talk with the online marketing companies, ask them about their approach to online marketing and the general methods they use in their service plans.  Many companies may shy away from these questions, as many seek free advice from these companies in the form of ‘consultations’.  If you keep it general and to the point, they should have no problem walking you through their basic tactics and evaluating your current online presence.

Don’t Look for Cheap Outsourcing Solutions

Many businesses fall prey to over seas online marketing and social media outsourcing due to attractive, low monthly pricing.  Try consulting Google for articles on the topic and you will see a list of horror stories people have experienced using overseas marketing gurus.  Save yourself the trouble and remember what they say, “You get what you pay for”.

Take Advantage of ‘Free Consultations’

Call the businesses that you research and ask to speak with an online marketing guru that would be working on your account.  Prepare a list of questions with some notes and pick their brain on issues that your business is faced with online.  You can spot a bogus company if they fail to return communication inquiries, constantly push you to sign up, or pass you on to multiple people to have a few simple questions answered.

The online reputation of any business should be held in the highest regard and business owners should tread carefully when searching for an online marketing guru.  Be sure to do your research, verify their qualifications, seek gurus with long term goals for your brand and call to make sure their company is real.