Find out how affordable our Facebook Management Plans really are!

Facebook Management

Our Facebook management service starts with optimizing your profile through branding, community engagement, and content creation.  The ROI of Facebook strategy can be drastically increased by simply engaging your customers online.  There is no point in engaging customers on social media if there is no call to action for a sale or recapture.  Evolve designs posts specifically geared to build your brand online and generate sales.

Unique Content Postings to Facebook Pages

Interaction is key to social media success. Our Facebook management plans include status updates with event information, pictures, video, and other media rich content. Clever and funny status updates help build brand personality on social media channels, with a healthy mix of product promotion and customer interaction. Our content team specializes in creating social media content that is both visually appealing and engaging to Facebook users.

Custom Facebook Tab Applications

We develop custom tabs for your Facebook Fan Pages that enhance the user experience of your page. Need your blog to display on Facebook for business news, specials and events? No problem! We can set up an e-book download tab, a tab that displays your restaurant’s menu, or even a tab for users to purchase goods and services directly on your Facebook Fan Page!

Relevant Facebook Shares and Fan Engagement

Does your brand need help understanding what to share on Facebook? Understanding how to use Facebook can be challenging when choosing content to ‘Share’. Our Facebook management packages include relevant shares from related fan pages, websites, and credible industry blogs in order to ‘humanize’ your brand’s Facebook fan page.

Facebook Cover Photo Design

We redesign your Facebook cover photo and profile picture to reflect the visual aesthetics of your brand. Changing your Facebook cover photo adds a fresh new look to your fan page, and can be used to highlight specials or promotions for your brand. When using Facebook for promoting your brand it is important to regularly update all branding on your Facebook profile to ensure customers have a reason to keep coming back.

Build the History of Your Business Online

We create and optimize descriptions for your profile that outline your brand’s products, services, company history, contact information, and other necessary details. No matter what industry you are in, keeping up to date information on your timeline ensures that customers are receiving the right message.

Manage How Your Staff Interacts on the Company Facebook Page

We will implement appropriate security and privacy settings for your fan page so that your company employees can utilize Facebook on behalf of your business. This is geared to encourage employees to be active on Facebook, but with limited permissions and administrative options. When managing a professional Facebook account, it is important to secure all permissions so that no one can gain control of your page without your consent. We ensure full control of your page and content at all times.

Engage Thousands of Fans Daily Using Our Services

To grow your online network through Facebook, it is necessary to keep up with the social conversation surrounding your industry and brand. Our Facebook management plans provide constant community interaction. This includes ‘Liking’ other Facebook fan pages, liking status updates from other users, commenting back to customers, and liking customer’s comments to posts. Our goal is to make sure that your brand responds to each relevant social interaction in a timely manner while preserving the values and message of your company.

Our Start Up Process is Quick and Easy

We begin by gathering all necessary passwords and log in information in order to set up our custom analytics software to your pages. All passwords are protected and remain with you during every phase of development. Once permissions are assigned we create a content posting matrix based on your business, industry and promotional information. This takes about 24-48 hours to set up, which means we begin posting within 2 days of your service activation! Everything can be set up over the phone in minutes. Call now to speak with a Social Media Manager about our available packages and promotions.



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If you have not started using Facebook for business or marketing, your brand is missing out on a huge market. Statistics show that more consumers are using Facebook for reviews, brand interaction, and finding the credibility of goods or services before purchasing. This creates an opportunity for brands to reach consumers and increase sales by using simple online interaction and content posting. Our Facebook management packages take the stress off of your company and include everything your brand needs to build your brand online.