Down and Dirty Social Media

by / Tuesday, 06 November 2012 / Published in Blog
So you hear this term all the time, let’s think about it….what does “Social” mean?
Most of us would think of hanging with friends as being social, or perhaps social in the terms of justice for humanity.
Media?  We know it is the plural of medium.  But defined within what context?  Art, the written word, photographs?  This list could go on for miles.
Put the two words together…and we have “Social Media”.  So, what does social media mean?
At Evolve, we believe social media to be a vast new frontier in which tried and true public relations strategies can be used to reach demographics well beyond those previously achieved through traditional channels.
So some may be wondering what “demographic” means in correlation with social media, very simply put it is your potential audience.  Who is your business trying to reach?  At Evolve, our first task is to work closely with you to reach your potential client base on a regular basis, using the appropriate social media outlets.  We will define an effective campaign that will result in deepened customer engagement.
We pride ourselves in our ability to narrow the focus just enough so that we reach the targeted demographic for your business with the right message to generate viral responses.
Viral you say?  Don’t worry folks, we are healthy here at Evolve; it is not an airborne illness…yet!
Going “viral” is akin to becoming a celebrity on the internet.  When something goes viral it is purely organic.  This means that your company has such a presence in social media that one of your clients shares your business’ content with their clients.  Then that client shares your business’ content with their friend.  THEN that friend shares it with their Aunt and younger cousin, Phil.  Then the Aunt shares it with…well, you get where this is going.
Here at Evolve, our mission is to make you the most popular business on all social media sites you choose to utilize.  In addition, unlike a lot of social media marketing companies, we truly pride ourselves in our public relations strategy development capabilities.
Lastly, with our partners, we strive to develop a collaborative relationship so that each is able to successfully create a social media competency within their own organization.  This is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding social media.
Evolve is here to further guide you in your quest for “celebrity” viral status.  Sounds dirty, right? That’s because it is, in the best way possible~
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