Does my bar need “Social Media Management”?

by / Thursday, 08 November 2012 / Published in Blog

One of the most underestimated tools for bar and restaurant owners is social media.

Using platforms such as Yelp, Facebook and Twitter, eateries are now able to conduct a proactive form of customer service and appreciation.

How can your bar use this?  Let’s dive in!

Do you have a slow Monday night at your bar?  Or maybe a daily special that people just don’t know about?  This is where social media management is very beneficial~

Social Media can increase awareness about that UFC fight your bar is broadcasting.  It can also be used to proactively settle issues with disgruntled customers that may choose to post negatively about your business.  The main question business owners have about social media is “Do I want to do it myself, or do I want to pay someone else to do it?”.

With our custom social media management packages, your restaurant can send daily updates pertaining to drink specials, events, and food specials every day!  Using demographic targeting and post timing, you are now able to control exactly who sees your message, and when they see it.

So how do you use this to benefit your establishment?  Easy!  Run daily advertisements via social media and pay per click ads that direct people to your social media profiles.  From here, your daily posts should pertain to daily events at your restaurant, timed at the highest trafficked times online.

4 Important factors with social media content posting:

  1. Post Timing
  2. Posts should contain a clear message and call to action
  3. Original and engaging content
  4. An attractive image, link, or video to enhance the message

Running a contest on your Facebook and Twitter profiles is a great way to gain a following and to create a “recapture” in which browsers will continue to receive your online updates by “Liking” your page on Facebook, or “Following” you on Twitter.

Using a combination of the above strategies, we are able to engage browsers using a multi-level engagement strategy that can bring your social media following to the next level!

For those who want “complete control” over their social media profiles, Evolve offers Social Media Coaching online and in person.  With our various packages available, you are able to specifically request what you want to learn for each video training module.

Silver and Gold members enjoy the benefit of having their social media profiles updated by a professional as they walk you through the steps and teach you how to do it as they work on your company profile!

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