Do You Want to Be Elected?

by / Monday, 05 November 2012 / Published in Blog
I Wanna Be Elected…
What does Public Relations have to do with the social media business?  Public relations, is nothing more than trying to get someone (actually lots of someones) to elect your product, much like a political campaign.
With internet coming onto the scene (thank you Al Gore) the public relations landscape has and will continue to EVOLVE (you go Darwin)!
Evolve’s PR consultancy is powered by great experience and training.  Utilizing social media channels just makes it easier and more cost effective to get “elected”!
With solid message development and a sound strategy, Evolve will GET YOU AND YOUR COMPANY ELECTED!
So no more bulk mail, phone calls, or dare I say- door knocking; the new frontier is here…EVOLVE your company’s story into a strategic campaign that gets you elected!

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