Choosing a Social Media Manager’s Salary- Is it Cheaper to Outsource?

by / Wednesday, 21 August 2013 / Published in Social Media

Finding room for a social media manager’s salary in a marketing budget can be difficult with the competitive market for social media specialists.  Larger companies even have teams of employees that update their growing social networks.  Depending on the budget, it’s very effective to hire a social media manager in addition to a third party consulting service.

A true social media manager is a master of online networking, and strategically plans a campaign using tried and true marketing methods via relevant online channels.  This requires a background in marketing or public relations, and also some content writing experience.  The issue here is that most candidates with credibility and experience in these fields come at a high cost.

Marketing gurus can hit with heavy consulting fees, and most with this status tend to freelance in their spare time.  This takes their attention away from your project, but can also help with developing their talents.

Having a professional on site can prove to be successful, which comes at a price.  Social media manager salaries can be as low at $12 per hour for an intern, all the way up to $5,000 per month for a social media director salary.  Look at it this way, having someone manage an entire social media presence is like having a graphic designer, content writer, and marketing professional all in one position.  This definitely takes a certain kind of person with years of experience.


Try Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a great tool, especially when a brand has interns running social media and creating content.  Third party social media specialists can cost as low as $200 per month, and usually produce consistent results.  Often times these companies have a team of content creators, graphic designers, and software engineers that collaborate on a single project.  Be aware of companies that over charge for services, and be sure to do your research a head of time to find someone with a firm understanding of your needs.

Alternatively, your business can hire a marketing professional with some form of credentials such as PRSA recognition.  Marketing pros are like hired guns, they produce excellent results most of the time, however you will pay a hefty price.  Freelancers are also great, however buyer beware: they tend to get side tracked or picked up by companies offering full time employment.

No matter how your brand decides to structure a social media management budget, it is always beneficial to spread your marketing budget around.  Having multiple eyes on your marketing is always a bonus, as long as you are able to keep everyone consistent with the goals and message.