When developing a social media strategy for a business it is important to establish a clear direction with both long and short term goals.  It is important to take into account the goals of the business.  Do you want to increase sales leads, build awareness, provide information, or a combination of the three? However grand

Finding room for a social media manager’s salary in a marketing budget can be difficult with the competitive market for social media specialists.  Larger companies even have teams of employees that update their growing social networks.  Depending on the budget, it’s very effective to hire a social media manager in addition to a third party

What Makes a Social Media Manager?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 by

What is a social media manager and do I need one?   This is a question many companies are asking as they build online marketing programs for their business.  Many times, contracting a social media manager is the best way to go.  But what are the industry standards for a social media manager? In venturing

As the growth of Facebook continues, the need for innovative marketing methods online continues.  It seems as though Facebook changes every day, now offering an embedded post option allowing users to include a Facebook post in the body of a blog.  With so many innovations, it helps to have a core foundation of tactics that

Social media is a powerful tool for growing a business online.  Using Facebook for business, marketing, and sales lead generation is becoming widely used because companies are able to reach consumers when their guard is down in a cyber-social setting. Whether your company uses a social media manager, or an in house employee, it is

The act of ‘Liking’ things on Facebook is one of the most effective, yet overlooked actions in the social media manager’s toolbox. By Liking pages, posts, and comments, the Viral Reach of your Facebook profile is drastically improved. But Why?? Each time you perform an action on a Facebook profile such as Liking, Sharing, and

Before posting to social media profiles, or even engaging with users online, it is necessary to have a set strategy in place.  Claiming a social media presence for your business is a lot like planning for a long road trip.  You need to at least have the bare essentials, but more importantly you need your

One of many questions businesses ask about social media is “How much should I post about my business?” There is no easy answer to this question. In fact, the answer is always changing. In order to have an effective social media presence, a business must constantly monitor the content it is putting out there. This