In working on a recent blog project I was at a loss for a moment when faced with the question “What is better for my SEO, Blogger or WordPress?”  For a moment I was unsure and had to consult the ‘Oracle Google’.  What I didn’t realize is that there are multiple sides to the question.

On August 19th and 20th, the team at Evolve was lucky enough to have the opportunity to check out the Agenda Trade Show in Las Vegas.  We were fortunate enough to meet with some of the surf and skate industry’s key players in fashion.  From sneakers and skateboards to clothing and notebooks, creativity and innovation

Finding online marketing gurus that are worth their salt is a challenging task that most business owners are currently facing.  With so many services to choose from it can be confusing which services have actual marketing gurus working for them.  Here are a few points to help in your search for the online marketing guru

What is a Google Authorship Markup? Google Authorship Markup is a tool that verifies and protects the content you create on the web.  This is set up by adding links to your website and blog to your Google+ account under your ‘Contributes To’ section.  Over time, if another website attempts to steal content from your

Developing a Blog Strategy

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An SEO cornerstone for any website is a content rich company blog that is updated frequently.  Developing a blog strategy is key when trying to capture multiple keywords to rank your website in organic search results.  Before you go off in multiple directions trying to reach for many keywords, it is beneficial to have a

As the growth of Facebook continues, the need for innovative marketing methods online continues.  It seems as though Facebook changes every day, now offering an embedded post option allowing users to include a Facebook post in the body of a blog.  With so many innovations, it helps to have a core foundation of tactics that

Is your business about to embark on a journey into the ‘Twitter-sphere”?  Well strap in because there is a lot to learn about using Twitter for business and customer service.  There are many strategies and philosophies regarding how to use Twitter for business purposes, however many fall short because they fail to take in to

Social media is a powerful tool for growing a business online.  Using Facebook for business, marketing, and sales lead generation is becoming widely used because companies are able to reach consumers when their guard is down in a cyber-social setting. Whether your company uses a social media manager, or an in house employee, it is

The act of ‘Liking’ things on Facebook is one of the most effective, yet overlooked actions in the social media manager’s toolbox. By Liking pages, posts, and comments, the Viral Reach of your Facebook profile is drastically improved. But Why?? Each time you perform an action on a Facebook profile such as Liking, Sharing, and

Before posting to social media profiles, or even engaging with users online, it is necessary to have a set strategy in place.  Claiming a social media presence for your business is a lot like planning for a long road trip.  You need to at least have the bare essentials, but more importantly you need your