6 Tips for Using Twitter for Your Business

by / Wednesday, 26 December 2012 / Published in Blog, Social Media

The use of Twitter for promoting a website’s blog is a powerful combination.  Using these 6 basic steps, a business owner can develop a strong Twitter following that builds brand credibility, and engages users.

1. Follow respected individuals in your industry.

Following industry relevant companies and individuals that are not in direct competition of your business is an effective way to stay plugged in to news as it happens.  Upon following a Twitter profile, it is not uncommon for the profile to reciprocate by following your business profile in return.  This builds your following and increases traffic to your website or blog if your “Tweet content” are engaging to those in your industry.

2. Link to your blog or website often.

We recommend using Google Adwords to find keywords that people are currently talking about.  There are many Twitter analytic tools that aid in finding the most active Twitter users and most popular hashtags.  Having popular hashtags and keywords engages a wider range of users, so linking to your company blog allows you to direct a percentage of this traffic, thus increasing the exposure of your website.

3. Stay consistent.

It is important to establish a consistent company voice based on the values and goals of your business.  This also ties in to Tweeting about industry and business relevant topics.  When engaging users on Twitter, your company should set up pre-established posting practices, unique calls to action, and a few Tweets per month that are just for fun.

4. Take advantage of “Follow Friday”.

Each Friday Tweeters recommend their friends to follow their favorite Twitter profiles by using the hashtags “#FF or #followfriday”.  The way to make this work for your business is to post your most engaging, unique content every Friday.  In doing so, the followers you engage will Tweet something along the lines of “#FF @yourcompanyname”.  While this may look like an algebra equation, it breaks down to “#FF- (follow), @company- (the company they are telling you to follow).”

5. Use Twitter as an information sharing tool in which you learn from others, and reciprocate knowledge about your industry.

Set up Google Alerts to receive up to date news about your industry.  As you get the alerts, Tweet about anything news worthy that will start the conversation.  Ask people for their thoughts, and have calls to action relating to your content.  In doing so, you will build credibility within your industry, and increase your following by posting information your consumers are searching for.

6.  Tweet about a mix of company news, blog posts, industry news, product sale incentives, and at least 1 Tweet not related to business.

Your content is king.  Research keywords and find information that your consumers are looking for, but do not try to directly sell your product via social media.  Instead, have a mix of calls to action that lead to an email capture or the sale of your product through your website.

Using these simple steps in your Twitter strategy will increase your followers, increase your credibility within your industry, and help to raise brand awareness on one of the most trafficked social networks online.