6 Social Media Tricks for Facebook

by / Monday, 05 August 2013 / Published in Blog, Facebook Management, Social Media

As the growth of Facebook continues, the need for innovative marketing methods online continues.  It seems as though Facebook changes every day, now offering an embedded post option allowing users to include a Facebook post in the body of a blog.  With so many innovations, it helps to have a core foundation of tactics that optimize the social media of a brand to the fullest.  Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled the top 6 social media tricks for building a brand on Facebook.

1) Like posts and comments during high traffic times on Facebook.

Using analytics from a social media manager or 3rd party social media service, it is easy to increase the viral reach of any Facebook Fan Page.  When you understand the time of day users are online, you can optimize your social media by engaging with fans during those periods.
By ‘Liking’ and commenting on posts during high traffic periods, the amount of users who see stories associated with your page is drastically increased.  Each time you Like something on behalf of a fan page, a story is created and displayed on mini feeds that says “YourPage Likes this post by ‘Jim’s Flooring Business'”.  This can reach thousands of people all from one simple action.

2) Be the first to comment on relevant, engaging posts from other businesses.

When Facebook users see that a business shares a common interest, they are more likely to Like the page.  Facebook displays the first 2-3 profile names depending on length for people that ‘Like’ a post, so Liking a post first will improve the viral reach of your fan page.

It goes without saying that politics and controversial posts should be left out when acting on behalf of a business.  Be sure to keep it light, engaging, and informative so that people continue to come back for valued information.

3) Set up a Fan Gate or custom navigation tab.

A Fan Gate can be easily integrated into almost any custom navigation tab.  This tool requires that users ‘Like’ your page in order to see the content.  This works great for contests, special coupon offers, incentives, and more.  It is best to have a developer create an application that is tailored to fit your brand.  Be sure that your navigation tab is useful to followers, while providing some form of recapture to further connect with customers.

4) Hire a social media management service to monitor your profile.

Put serious thought into how much time you can dedicate to managing the online presence of your brand.  In most cases, it is best to outsource a portion, if not all of it to a credible social media management company that monitors your online presence.  Social media companies normally provide monthly analytics, content management, content creation, page engagement and more.  It never hurts to call for a quote to see how affordable outsourcing can be.

5) Make sure ALL posts have a direct call to action.

When creating a post for Facebook it is an absolute necessity to include a call to action.  Whether you want users to ‘Like’ the post, comment, or ‘Share’, it needs to be specified.  An easy way to increase the engagement on any fan page is to simply ask users to participate if they like the content.

6) Use Embedded Posts on Facebook.

Facebook’s newest function is ’embedded posts’.  This means that anyone can now take a Facebook post and embed it within a blog or web page of their choosing.  This not only increases viral reach, but also SEO through the methods of link building and keyword capture.

To ensure the success of a Facebook Fan Page the bottom line is that you need to treat it as though it is your personal profile.  Think about it, when you comment and Like posts from your friends they continue to engage on your page.  When acting as your business on Facebook, fans feel special when you comment and Like their posts.  When engaging fans on Facebook, a little appreciation goes a very long way.