4 Steps to Successful Online Marketing for E-commerce

by / Thursday, 22 November 2012 / Published in Blog, Online Marketing

Studies have unveiled the facts about people’s high shopping spree for Christmas creating an opportunity for E-commerce businesses to increases their sales and attain benefits from the profit margins.

According to a study by Liveperson.com, almost 63% of U.S. shoppers plan to do most of their Christmas shopping online. And, only online business entrepreneur with planned marketing strategy can win the game by drawing maximum traffic on their site.

Evolve offers custom online marketing plans laid out based on several criteria.  Most importantly, this is narrowed based on product, industry, and demographic.

Aggressive SEO is a necessary expense for any E-commerce website.  A combination of link building, citation blasts, pay per click advertisements, and social media is needed to to effectively reach potential customers.

Before paying someone to assist with your online marketing, it is recommended that one does their homework in regards to important online shopping dates.

Many of us are aware of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and now Green Monday, which is 2 Mondays before Christmas in which online traffic for E-commerce surges.

Based on internet sales in 2011, the following are the busiest times for online holiday shopping:

Monday, November 26 (Cyber Monday)
Monday, December 3
Monday, December 10 (Green Monday)
Monday, December 17 (Free Shipping Day)
Tuesday, November 27
Tuesday, December 4
Tuesday, December 11
Friday, November 30
Thursday, December 6
Thursday, December 13

Based on these dates, an online marketer can successfully reach their target audience and increase online sales.

A short cut to SEO would entail using Google Ad Words in order to optimize keywords on your pages.  Using Google Ad Sense, one can further automate their website’s earnings by allowing pay-per-click ads on their website.

1. Use holiday themed landing pages with special offers

2. Use social media to optimize your brand’s reach.

3. Holiday banners advertising special offers.

4. Run a holiday contest.

Using these basic tactics, one can optimize their own E-commerce page, or just gain a better understanding in what to look for in an online marketing contractor.