12 Ways to Use Twitter for Business Marketing

by / Monday, 29 July 2013 / Published in Blog

Is your business about to embark on a journey into the ‘Twitter-sphere”?  Well strap in because there is a lot to learn about using Twitter for business and customer service.  There are many strategies and philosophies regarding how to use Twitter for business purposes, however many fall short because they fail to take in to account the essence of why a business should use social media; proactive customer service, marketing, and fun!

At the end of the day, the basic principles of marketing apply to social media.  It is best to have a clear target audience, a strategy, and means of evaluating your efforts.  We’ve compiled 12 ways to kick-start your Twitter presence when building your business online.


1) Identify your target audience.

Knowing who is reading your Tweets is important for brand interaction and content sourcing.  Before developing a strategy, it’s necessary to identify the demographic and interests of your customers.

Twitter’s analytic platform is not very informative when compared to third party services such as Hootesuite.  If your brand is serious about building a presence on Twitter, consider a management service that provides monthly analytics and profile monitoring.


2) Develop a strategy.

Once your business has identified the demographic of your customers, it is time to create a Twitter strategy that outlines how you will engage Followers.  In your strategy the type of content, audience, and message should be clearly identified.  For example, one Tweet could be for new customers with a message alerting them of a current sale that includes a coupon for free shipping.  Clearly identifying your message keeps your profile from containing trite and un-engaging Tweets.


3) Create a ‘Twitter-Only’ incentive.

To measure the ROI of your Twitter campaign, an effective method often used is a ‘Twitter only offer’.  This opens the door to fun contests that require little investment and monitoring.  Offering a coupon to the Follower who Re-Tweets your content the most each week is a great way to increase your viral reach, and gain Followers quickly.

It should go with out saying that the incentive needs to be something people actually want.  Offering a chance to win free dinner for 6 people will have a greater impact than offering a chance to win a free cup of coffee, so choose your incentives carefully.


4) Brand your profile to show off your brand.

Incorporating your logo tastefully into your Twitter profile is just as important as the content you Tweet.  Branding your profile creatively, without looking like you are selling something is an art in itself.  However, to be successful on Twitter, you need to walk the line between posting engaging content and still mentioning your product.  Survive Knives.com is a great example of how social media plays a vital role in marketing a business online.

5) Set up a Welcome Message for new Followers.

Monitoring a Twitter profile is a full time job.  Setting up a monthly, or even weekly welcome message will give your customers personal interaction no matter what hour of the day or night.  Create a welcome message with a call to action directing users to visit other social media pages.  Engage them further by including a question that invokes a conversational response, so you can further humanize the interaction between your brand and customers.


6) Follow respected figures in your industry.

The people you Follow on Twitter impact your Klout Score and social media reputation.  Keep an eye out for fake Twitter accounts that spam your Direct Message box with advertisements and links.  Be sure to Un-Follow these users as soon as possible, and replace them with other relevant figures that are credible in your industry.


7) Create a content posting matrix.

Without getting into intense detail, create a calendar each week that outlines the type of content you will be Tweeting.  Using analytics, or your social media management service, identify the busiest times of the day on Twitter to post your content.  Having this laid out ahead of time will help with evaluating what is working, and allow for easy adjustments as your campaign progresses.


9) Tweet, Re-Tweet, Reply, and interact daily on Twitter.

Keeping up with your inbox each day is important, as many messages require timely responses.  Identify the social conversation to ensure Tweets are relevant, Re-Tweets are timely, and all replies have a humanized interaction that does not appear automated.

Interacting daily on Twitter for business and marketing purposes is a given, since valuable leads can be lost in mere hours due to consumers having little time or patients.


10) Use trending #Hashtags.

Hashtags help you understand what people are Tweeting about on Twitter.  Trending hashtags can be found on the left side bar on your Twitter profile, and also through websites such as hashtags.org where you can actually target the time the hashtags are being used.


11) Participate in Follow Friday.

If you haven’t been using Follow Friday to build your Followers, your business is missing out on a huge opportunity.  Using hashtags such as #FF and #FollowFriday, Tweeters suggest their favorite users to recommend others to Follow.  A Follow Friday Tweet could look like this:  EvolveSMS: Be sure to check out some of our favorite Tweeters! #FF @SURVIVEKnives @GallaghersPubHB #FollowFriday #SpreadTheLove”


12) Contract a social media management service.

There are many social media services out there that provide a number of different packages that can help to manage your Twitter profile.  Third party management services can diversify your content and interact with customers, providing 24/7 support for your brand’s social media.

Remember to keep it light, informative, and fun when engaging customers on social media.  Customers are looking to interact with the human side of your brand, not the stiff suit trying to sell you a product.  The best advice in using Twitter for business is to love Tweeting about your business, or find someone who does.  Unique content that is engaging is created through an emotional thought process that takes time.  Investing in this will not only show by the amount of Followers you gain, but also by the ROI these Followers bring in as they become customers.

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