11 Reasons To Have Google Authorship Markup

by / Tuesday, 27 August 2013 / Published in Blog, SEO Tips and Tricks

What is a Google Authorship Markup?

Google Authorship Markup is a tool that verifies and protects the content you create on the web.  This is set up by adding links to your website and blog to your Google+ account under your ‘Contributes To’ section.  Over time, if another website attempts to steal content from your blog, Google can flag them for duplicate content and rank your website higher.

Stand Out in Search Results

Having Google Authorship allows you to display an author picture next to your blog’s meta description in search results.  This shows browsers that the blog was published by a real person, and allows them the option to explore their credibility further by providing links the their Google+ profile.

With the new direction of Google’s Penguin algorithm it is no secret that content is a cornerstone.  Author Rank may only be an idea Google is kicking around right now, but be aware that it may soon go into effect.  When this happens, authors will be ranked on a variety of factors including people in Google Circles, online activity, content volume and more than likely a few other perimeters that marketers will be dying to uncover.

Increase Website Traffic

When browsers seeking information see your picture next to your blog link they are much more likely to click on your blog due to the added visual appeal.  Once their eyes are on your blog, it is dependent on your meta descriptions and SEO title to encourage browsers to click on your information.

Establish Industry Credibility

Google Authorship success relies on the visibility and engagement on your Google+ profile.  The more people in your circles that link to your content and share your posts, the more credible you will appear in your industry.  Google+ is a lot like LinkedIn and Facebook combined, as it is a bit in formal, but with credible content and users.

Protect Your Content Online

Google Authorship lets Google know that the content on your website belongs to you.  This prevents your website from falling prey to cut rate bloggers that scour the web for content to steal and use for their blog.

Claim Ownership of Images, Ads and Other Unique Content

Authorship Markup not only protects content, but also images and original advertisements that appear on your website.  Protecting web images alone is an extremely valuable asset to your online security due to the volume of original images that may appear in your blog.  This is especially useful for brands that post original images to social media on a regular basis.

Index Pages Quicker on Google

It’s always a good rule of thumb to participate in as many Google services as possible.  It is almost coincidental that websites using Google services tend to rank higher in searches and get indexed by Google quicker.

Build Your Online Resume

Google+ is an effective online resume tool with the addition of Authorship Markup.  As employees contribute to blogs and their Google following increases, the amount of relevant content pertaining to their profession will surround their name in online searches.  A useful online marketing strategy can include building the online content for employees as a way to show the credibility of employees at your company, thus increasing Page Rank.  As a blogger, if you work for a company and want to build online credibility, Google Authorship is a must.

Extra SEO Analytics

Having a place page for your business on Google+ not only helps SEO, but also increases organic keywords to the local search results.  On your profile dashboard you will see a section that shows recent keywords that have been searched, resulting in clicks and impressions for your business.

Increase Search Ranking

When Google Authorship is added to your blog, your company may notice an increase in impressions and search ranking.  Blogs with Authorship tend to rank in the top of search results, so having credible information alone is no longer enough for creating a successful blog strategy.

You may find it a bit tricky to get your picture to display in search results.  Sometimes it is worth it to avoid the hassle and have an SEO service install Authorship on your site instead of venturing into uncharted territory.  What ever way you decide to go, it is for certain that Google Authorship is here to stay, so any company serious about SEO should be incorporating this into their strategy.